Our service provides granularity, accuracy and transparency for every SKU at the SKU level, throughout the year. Gone are the days of employing expensive life cycle analysts to calculate your carbon footprint at a given moment.
The Benchmark team’s extensive knowledge of the entire packaging production process means that we know the right questions to ask to gather the data, and then our software does the complex and time-consuming calculations. As a result, a life cycle analyst need only audit the data and process on an annual basis to certify compliance, saving large amounts of precious time and money.
Our knowledge and experience are complemented by our partners and globally recognised sources of data.

Highest Cost Transparency with FACTON EPC

With more than 20 years in the market, FACTON with its EPC Suite is one of the leading providers of costing solutions. The Enterprise software addresses every employee who is involved in planning, designing, costing, and marketing your products. Our customers cover almost all manufacturing industries from the automotive industry to furniture, medical technology, or machinery.

The specific solutions offer robust answers to the requirements of executive management and individual departments within the enterprise. FACTON EPC enables standardized, enterprise-wide costing that is independent of location and department, leveraging maximum product cost transparency throughout every phase of the product lifecycle. It accelerates your costing, helps you achieve pinpoint cost accuracy and secures your profitability.

Proactive product costing along the entire liefcycle

With FACTON EPC companies in the manufacturing industry, also in medical technology, establish an active, reliable cost management based on a standardized and company-wide uniform approach. They achieve a high level of cost transparency and are thus able to make decisions quickly based on precise information.

  • Calculate costs more accurately: FACTON EPC employs standardized methods that enable enterprises to perform all their basic costing tasks quickly and securely in a central, standardized costing tool. The EPC solutions is also a centralized source of information for product and project profitability analyses.
  • Identify cost drivers early in the lifecycle: With FACTON EPC users benefit from an extensive list of functions for precise and transparent analysis of costing data in the lifecycle. Analyses can be performed during the entire costing process.
  • Cost optimization in a targeted manner: FACTON EPC helps you quickly find the right levers for cost optimization. In addition to optimization options at the product level, the software also offers special features to promote targeted portfolio management.

FACTON EPC can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and connected to existing ERP, PLM, or project management solutions. The EPC solutions are available as cloud and on-premises solution.

Read more about FACTON and its EPC Suite here [https://www.facton.com/software/facton-epc-suite?utm_campaign=FACTON%20Brand_US&utm_source=The%20Center%20for%20Strategic%20Cost%20Management&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=Link%20to%20EPC%20Suite]


FACTON GmbH was founded in 1998 and has locations in Potsdam, Dresden, Stuttgart and Detroit. Hasso Plattner, founder and chairman of the supervisory board of SAP SE & Co. KG, has supported this innovative company since 2006. The international portfolio of customers includes Airbus, Mahle Behr, Deutz, MANN+HUMMEL, Porsche, Ford Motor Company, and other renowned OEMs.

Visit us on: www.facton.com





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Product life cycle management involves making design decisions based on multiple criteria including cost, compliance, sustainability, and risk. Unfortunately, the data and expertise required to make these decisions are siloed. This protracts the process of innovation and increases its complexity.

Today, the market solves this problem with vertical applications like PDM, ERP, CAD, EHS, SCM, etc. These mostly remain siloed due to the enormous costs of integration and keeping data synchronized. Therefore, analyses typically require exporting data to aggregation tools e.g. BI or excel before being used for analyses in specialist decision support applications. Results are typically delayed, some taking as much as 9 months, and therefore provide little support during the design process. Makersite provides results instantly and simultaneously across key product criteria.

Makersite combines external and internal data sources to create a digital twin of a product in design. Artificial intelligence and our graph-based data model allow for ingesting, representing, and connecting heterogeneous data easily. Its native applications use ground-breaking algorithms to support analysis and decision making based on multiple criteria simultaneously including should-costs, regulatory compliance, life cycle impacts (LCA), supply chain risk, etc. Our API-first architecture allows for easy integrations into existing IT infrastructures thereby supporting systems and processes with richer, fresher, and more timely product data.

This allows engineers to understand and improve their designs from the perspective of their regulatory compliance, environmental impact, supply risk, and cost of production, simultaneously. Companies can get results up to 40x faster than traditional methods while making their products better.

Contact email: team@makersite.de

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/makersitede/

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