Do you know if your design lends itself to Manufacturing and Assembly? We can assist with the potential of manufacturing and or labor reductions resulting in a bottom line improvement.


Is your process following lean principles? Are they applied correctly with cost in mind? We can assess this and make recommendations that would improve your bottom line.

Competitive Assessment

Do you know how your designs stack up against your competition? We can help. We will do a functional analysis comparing the “Should Cost” of your designs vs the “Should Cost” of your competition. This will allow you to make design changes bringing a benefit to your bottom line.

Internal Costing

Do you really understand where your costs are and where your “hidden” costs reside? With our suite of software solutions we have the ability to capture all your costs and track them allowing you to see and eliminate them, improving your bottom line.

Spend Analytics

We will analyze your current and future spend by Commodity, category manufacturing process and recommend immediate actions that could have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Should Costing

With our suite of potential software solutions, we will recommend the correct solution for your needs. We will help you determine what is the best fit. From Excel to a full ERP / CAD integrated system. We won’t just sell you a system, we will stay with you as long as needed to train and show bottom line savings.

RFQ Prep

Are you asking your supplies the right questions to determine the correct price you should be paying for your purchases? We can help you develop a complete RFQ package that will show you where to focus your negotiations.

Negotiations and Role Playing

Our philosophy is every negotiation is an exam. Whomever does their homework better will come out on top. With our help using Spend Analytics and Should Costing, we will prepare you for the best results. We firmly believe in “FACT BASED” negotiations. We are convinced these will lead to an improved bottom Line.


Is your sales team prepared for “FACT BASED”? Do they know how to handle customer requiring “FULL TRANSPARENCY”? We can help. We can train your sales to be be prepared for these discussion while maintaining your profits protecting your bottom line.

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